I n t h e f e r t i l e c o u n t r y s i d e o f S a n S e v e r o , a n e w s t o r y c o m e s t o l i f e . . .

The Company

F r o m a b e a u t i f u l h i l l o f t h e A l t o T a v o l i e r e .

In 2001 two entrepreneurs, united by a great ambition and passion for the land, make this dream a beautiful reality.
Thus was born Tenute Sannella.
Nero di Troia


The Nero di Troia is a grape with a long and deeply rooted tradition within the territory of Daunia. For the production of this wine, Tenute Sannella cultivates it in an old vineyard with lirnited productivity with an average yield per hectare extremely low and where the selection of the grapes has taken place in a more rigorous manner.
Nero di Troia - Primitivo

Villa Faragola

The Apulian character of Tenute Sannella is expressed to the maximum in this blend, the result of a thrifty work started from the vineyard and finished in the bottle.


Primitivo grapes represent the strong Apulian vocation for wine production. Impavido comes from grapes cultivated in a low-yield soil, daily monitored, and where winemaking activities are carried out with the utmost care.
The structure

O u r C e l l a r

It stands on a narrow hill between the Gargano and the Subappennino Dauno, in a very particular pedo-climatic context.
It is the small town of San Severo, a rustic center, rich in traditions, where time seems to stand still when our grandparents still tell of ancient traditions, where the countryside has always been the center of everyday life, and the art of looking after and cultivating it is handed down from generation to generation to enhance their most typical products.
San Severo: where wine has a taste for history

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