W i n e s

Discover all the Tenute Sannella wine lines.

P r e m i u m W i n e s

I m p a v i d o

Ruby red color, with aging the sweet violet reflections are accentuated; the aromas of spices and berries and the full and harmonious flavor are ennobled and balanced by contact with barriques.

S t i b a d i u m

With an impenetrable color, strong tannins and marked spicy aromas, Stibadium also goes perfectly with particularly structured and demanding dishes, making it excellent also in combination with red meats and game.

R o s e t t

The nose opens on hints of pink flowers and small red fruits, when tasted it is clear, enveloping, without losing freshness and pleasantness.

R e s e r v e W i n e s

C o t i n o n e

This wine is born from the splendid union of native vines Aglianico and Nero di Troia and the allochthonous Cabernet Sauvignon.

R a d i c o s a

Radicosa originates from a vineyard where the Montepulciano grapes are subjected to a rigorous selection.

V i l l a F a r a g o l a

The Apulian character of Tenute Sannella is expressed at its best in this blend, the result of a thrifty work started from the vineyard and finished in the bottle.

C l a s s i c W i n e s

B r a n d o

Wine with a strong tannic character and spicy aromas, with slight citrus hints; to be enjoyed with very tasty cheeses and game.

D i o m e d e

Straw yellow color with greenish reflections, crunchy spicy hints of scrub Mediterranean, among which sage, citrus and white flowers stand out.

I s i d e

Iside comes from Minutolo, an aromatic vine with great personality and aromas intense, typical of the Apulian tradition. Straw yellow in color, hints on the nose they are of white fruit and ripe pulp, with tropical and floral hints.

P e s c o r o s s o

Pescorosso, one of our historic wines, is rediscovered in a whole new, more intriguing guise, more linked to the Apulian tradition. Elegant red, soft and at the same time of good complexity with evident notes of red fruit mature.

R a t i n o

A balanced and fresh wine, but at the same time with a good structure, which allows it to keep its organoleptic characteristics intact for 18-24 months.

R o s a d i S a l s o l a

Bright pink in color, this wine has the personality of a red and the freshness of a white. It expresses delicate aromas of cherries and raspberries, the taste is fresh, savory and with a pleasant acidity.

S p a r k l i n g W i n e s

F u j e n t e

From the local dialect “he who runs”, fujente is the image of our picturesque party patronal; a dense array of fujenti invades the city on the third Sunday of May, to follow the pyrotechnic batteries in honor of our Patroness step by step.

F u j e n t e R o s é

From the local dialect “he who runs”, fujente is the image of our picturesque party patronal. Fujente is a passionate, true man, strongly rooted in our territory; just like this sparkling wine made from Troia grapes, a typical vine of ours Earth.

L a V i e e n R o s é

The sparkling wine has a very fine perlage, opens to the nose with the typical scent of “bread crust”, when tasted it is fresh, savory and with a pleasant acidity.

L a V i e e n d ' O r

The best Chardonnay and Bombino grapes are harvested in small boxes to preserve the aromatic profile; after a careful cold maceration each vine is vinified separately at a very low temperature and for a very long time.